Startup Sales Agility Engineered for Enterprise

Full-stack, Strategic

Sales Engineering - 

Operations & Consulting

Accelerating SaaS enterprise results via strategic organizational alignment.

Sales Execution

Strategy &


Market & Business Development

● Orchestrate complex ELAs with multistakeholder and CXO committees
● Own client success outcomes and penetrate whitespace

●  Challenger-trained in data-intense, ROI-driven SaaS solutions

● Maximize closed-loop KPI and sales velocity insights
● Forecast territory success to build opportunity plans

● Elucidate lifecycle touchpoints to fasten buyer-seller journey

● Master UVP, ROI-based messaging
● Hone precise sales playbooks to customer segments
● Exploit networks and channels for deeper brand awareness

CRM, Systems

& Process



Organizational  Development

● Guide and develop sales lifecycle proficiency

● Surface sales intelligence and improve cross-team collaboration

● Improve opp planning and forecasting accuracy

● Pre-sales engineering for customer success
● Expose use-case value through product dev and marketing
● Leverage SWOT and Gap Analyses for competitive advantage  

● Engage feedback for visionary leadership

● Steer dynamic change 

● Build for purpose-driven organizational alignment




Currently Solutions Consultant for Knoldus Inc., enabling reactive microservices architectures and digital transformation strategies for Enterprise clients.

10 Years in Sales, Account Management and Solutions Consulting across Enterprise, Mid-Market and Startup Tech SaaS. 

Strategic alignment with the CXO, DevOps and Product marketing.

SME in Cloud-native and Big-Data applications for IaaS and PaaS-based applications with emphasis on Amazon Web Services.


Leverage techno-functional end-user perspectives to propel organizational purpose-driven goals.

Grow organizations with heart and hustle to realize their

fullest potential.




Denver, Colorado USA

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