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Full-stack, Strategic

Sales Execution 

CIC accelerates ROI for SaaS enterprise through 6 pillars of sales excellence:

Sales Execution

Strategy &


Market & Business Development

● Orchestrate complex ELAs with multistakeholder and CXO committees
● Own client success outcomes and penetrate whitespace

●  Challenger-trained in data-intense, ROI-driven SaaS solutions

● Maximize closed-loop KPI and sales velocity insights
● Forecast territory success to build opportunity plans

● Elucidate lifecycle touchpoints to fasten buyer-seller journey

● Master UVP, ROI-based messaging
● Hone precise sales playbooks to customer segments
● Exploit networks and channels for deeper brand awareness

CRM, Systems

& Process



Organizational  Development

● Guide and develop sales lifecycle proficiency

● Surface sales intelligence and improve cross-team collaboration

● Improve opp planning and forecasting accuracy

● Pre-sales engineering for customer success
● Expose use-case value through product dev and marketing
● Leverage SWOT and Gap Analyses for competitive advantage  

● Engage feedback for visionary leadership

● Steer dynamic change 

● Build for purpose-driven organizational alignment




Current Director of Sales for Knoldus Inc., leading execution in reactive architectures and digital transformation for Enterprise clients.

10 Years in Sales across Enterprise, Mid-Market and Startup Software SaaS firms. 

Strategic alignment with with the CXO, DevOps and Product marketing.

SME in Cloud-native and Big-Data applications for IaaS and PaaS-based applications with emphasis on Amazon Web Services.


Leverage techno-functional end-user perspectives to propel organizational purpose-driven goals.

Grow organizations with heart and hustle to realize their

fullest potential.




Denver, Colorado USA

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